About Magaji Properties Pvt. Ltd

Magaji Properties was established by Satheesha Magaji in 2019, to achieve the concept of micro-real estate in India. Magaji Properties has the motto of True Value Delivered, which means We directly buy distressed micro-properties at high value reliving you from Financial Distress.

A spacious kitchen and dining table

Our Process

1. Contact us to check the property with the site visit.

2. If site is valued accurately, we'll proceed with legal aspects.

3. All the documentation will be completed.

4, Registration of Property.

Deal with experts

There's a time for every property to buy, sell or liquidate, and we mainly deal with liquidation. We'll directly purchase your property at the right price to pull out from monetary distress.

We bring power and deliver quality lifestyle for your distressed properties. Handled by experts and team of self-reliant people, we're available and always ready to serve you 24x7.

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